Montana LPN to RN Programs

Working as a LPN puts you in a position to make a significant position in the lives of those you work with and their families. You can spend less than two years in college and earn a degree to become a registered nurse which will give you more skill when it comes to working with your community. In addition, you will earn a higher income, find more job prospects and advance through your career significantly faster. Registered nursing is currently the fastest growing career path and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that trend should continue through 2020 at least. Getting started requires a delicate balance of work and school, but with a little research you can make that happen with relative ease.

With less than 9,000 registered nurses to support the population of Montana, the need for RNs is in high demand. Employers are scrambling to find well-educated and talented graduates and paying them well for their talents. On average, a registered nurse in Montana will earn $60,000 a year based on experience, education, employer, location and a number of other factors. Experience and education are the two key things to bring to the table, but finding a way to balance your personal life, education and work schedule can be daunting to say the least.

Online degree programs and courses offer a chance to make your school schedule on a daily basis. As long as you can navigate a web page and use a word processor, you have the skills needed to be successful online. It doesn’t take long to understand why online programs are so popular. With due dates laid out for graded work at the start of a semester, you know exactly when you need to submit assignments and can schedule your studies and work accordingly. You won’t find any scheduled courses, but you will have access to all of the traditional learning aids. Lectures, notes and other assistance is provided through video, audio and text files to ensure you have access to everything you need to succeed. You can reach your instructor through email, a phone call or on campus any time you need. Many students combine online and campus based studies to fit the schedule that they need, so explore your options as you start to learn through an online delivery method.

Registered nurses need to share one voice to ensure that the field is well represented. By ensuring that registered nurses have access to what they need, work reasonable hours and are well rewarded for the work they do, the Montana Nurses Association constantly strives for “perfect” working conditions for those in the field. With a better working environment comes better health care, so understand that this isn’t a selfish pursuit but a service to patients and their families. To become part of this important organization you simply need to join. You can find the information you need through their website.

An Investment in Your Future

There are no free rides when it comes to an education. You will need to make a significant financial investment to become successful in your future. This can be a highly stressful aspect of any student’s life, but through careful research and little help along the way, you will find that paying for your education is significantly easier than you expect. Turning to the right resources is all that is required.

Your currently employer will likely offer tuition assistance or reimbursement and possibly even offer a position as a registered nurse upon graduation and licensure. Explore these options early to make sure that your employer is aware of your goals. Colleges often offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other financial aid to students enrolled in their courses and you should focus on these questions as you start to look for the right educational institution for you. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is also doing everything it can to ensure that students pursuing a health care degree have the financial support they need to become successful. With loans, loan repayment programs and scholarships offered through their organization, you will surely find a way to offset much of the cost of your education. Focus on the loan repayment plans upon graduation as you will be rewarded for a two year commitment of service to an underserved area in the health care field, likely near you. Upon completion you will receive a large payment towards your student debt and the experience you gain will be highly valued by employers.

Finding the Right Teacher

There is no perfect school for every student, but exploring all of your options in detail will help you find the right education institution for you. The Montana Board of Nursing has a list of Approved Programs in the state which can be found here. Keep in mind that these programs are all in-state and any online programs offered through national colleges will unlikely be listed. A few examples have been included with this article to help you get started. Just remember that this part of your new journey is the most important, so spend your time and don’t rush into things to ensure you find the right educator for your personal needs and goals.