Missouri LPN to RN Programs

There are few better choices you can make about your future than pursing a LPN to RN program. Registered nursing is experiencing the highest job growth among all careers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That growth is not expected to slow through 2020 at the least. This is primarily due to the fact that our population is growing and aging. With this growth and advancing age access to health care, even in its most basic form is extremely important. As a registered nurse you will be able to provide this care to patients and work with their families no matter how good or bad the situation may be. You will also earn a significantly higher income, faster career advancement and more job prospects than you would have otherwise expected.

With less than 70,000 registered nurses supporting the entire population of Missouri, you can see why employers are scrambling to find fresh graduates to provide health care to their patients. They are also making sure that registered nurses are respectably rewarded for their talents. An average income of $57,000 a year should be expected in the field based on experience, education, employer and a number of other factors. The key factors to focus on are experience and education, but finding a way to balance a full time schedule at work and school and still find time to unwind in your personal life may seem all but impossible.

Online courses and degree programs are a perfect answer to ensuring students are able to juggle all the responsibilities that come with a college education. Through a course specific calendar you will know at the start of a semester when graded assignments are due. As long as you are submitting the work by that due date, you decide when and how you wish to study. Learning aids are available as downloads with lectures, notes and other helpful tools available through a downloadable video, text or audio file provided by your instructor. Class wide discussions are handled through course specific message boards and these discussions can last for days or weeks giving you better insight into the issues being discussed. You will also find that your instructor is easily reached through email, a phone call or a visit to the campus.

Representation is very important in the nursing industry. Ensuring that registered nurses are given the tools they need to succeed is key to patient’s health and well-being. You can lend your voice to the cause by joining the Missouri Nurses Association. Established more than a century ago, the association is focused on legislative affairs as well as helping registered nurses and students succeed towards their personal goals. Known as MONA, the association is a great place to network with others that share experience with you and all you need to do is join. You can find much more information on their website.

Investing in Your Future

Your future is the reason you are considering a LPN to RN program. You aren’t doing it for fun, or to throw money at an education. You need the additional skills that will be taught, and you will need to spend a pretty sizable amount of money to get there, that is, unless you know where to look for assistance.

First turn to your employer as the benefits offered should include some form of tuition assistance or reimbursement. Depending on your employer you may even find a permanent position ready for you upon graduation and licensure as a registered nurse. Don’t pass up the unique loans, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid offered by colleges to students that enroll in their courses. Make sure this is a key concern you discuss with each college you talk with. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will likely become your greatest ally towards paying for your education. Traditional loans and scholarships are offered to students pursuing a health care degree. Possibly more important is the loan repayment program that is offered through the HRSA. Upon graduation and licensure you can provide services over the course of a two year commitment to a part of the community that is in the most dire need. Once complete, you will be rewarded with a large payment from the department towards you student debt. This experience is also highly valuable to employers and will help you get a head start towards your future goals. Information for how to earn these benefits can be found here.

Starting your Education

There is no perfect school for all students, but there is likely a college that will meet your specific needs. Finding it will require time and research, but there are plenty of ways to ensure you can move through this stage with reasonable speed. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration offers a listing of approved nursing programs in the state of Missouri in one convenient area. Remember that these are state specific schools and will likely not include out of state schools that offer online degree programs. You will want to explore those options as well to ensure you find the perfect school for you. To help you get started a few examples have been listed with this article. Don’t rush this stage in your move towards a better future. The foundation is key and making sure it is solid through a respectable and comfortable education will make all the difference in your future.