Mississippi LPN to RN Programs

As a LPN you are already aware of the need for quality health care in Mississippi. The need is dire and the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects registered nursing to continue to grow faster than any other career path through 2020. In less than two years you can enter the field and earn a significantly higher income, better job prospects and even find plenty of ways to advance through your career as you see fit. Our population is growing and aging, and with that comes a need for health care to an extent that we have never seen before. While the shortage is unfortunate, the fact that you are considering moving into the field will put you in a position to be well rewarded for your investment in your future.

Mississippi currently has less than 30,000 registered nurses supporting the population of the state. This is far from what is needed to ensure individuals have access to the health care they need. Mississippi based RNs earn an average income of $58,000 a year which should reward you well for your experience and education. Experience and education are the two key factors that will contribute to your starting pay and should impact how quickly you advance up the pay scale. Finding a way to balance your college schedule, work schedule and some personal time can be a difficult juggling act, but there are ways to make it work.

Online degree programs and courses can go a long way in ensuring that you can attend school on any schedule. Some students take online courses exclusively, while others mix online and campus based educations. What you learn is no different online compared to campus based, but how you learn is. You will find a calendar at the start of a semester which lists all due dates for graded work throughout the course. As long as the work is submitted by that time, you decide when to study. There are no scheduled classroom meetings, just soft due dates to help you stay on track with your studies. Your instructor can be reached through phone, email or on campus and classroom discussions are handled through a message board unique to your classroom. This allows you to have the full college experience without every visiting a campus if you decide.

Throughout your education and career, having a voice to ensure that your industry is well represented is important. This is not a selfish desire, though. Ensuring registered nurses are given the ability to practice their craft in a way that is beneficial ensures that patients receive the best care possible. Work hours, income, benefits and a wide range of other issues will be fought for by the Mississippi Nurses Association and you can lead your voice to their cause by joining here. This is also a great networking tool as it allows you to work with more experienced nurses and learn how to best proceed through your journey. In time you will share your own experiences and help others that are just starting to walk their own path.

Investing in a Better Future

There is always an investment required for an advanced degree. The finances can be difficult to stomach, but becoming a registered nurse qualifies you for significant assistance towards your expenses. To start, check with your employer to find out what educational benefits are available. Tuition assistance and reimbursement is often offered as well as permanent positions upon graduation and licensure. Colleges also offer unique loans, grants, scholarships and other forms of financial aid to students enrolled in their courses. Make sure this is a topic you cover in your discussions with potential educators.

Your greatest ally in covering the cost of an education will likely be the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With loans, loan repayment plans and scholarships offered to students pursuing a health care degree, you are sure to find plenty of ways to reduce your out of pocket cost for your education. Pay special attention to the loan repayment programs as they reward you with a large payment towards you student debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an area that is in dire need of health care. The experience you earn throughout this commitment will be highly valued by employers, so don’t pass up this awesome opportunity. More information about how to qualify for these programs can be found on the HRSA site.

Finding the Right College

Just as each student is unique, each college offers a unique set of advantages for those pursuing a higher education. There is no single college that is perfect for all students, but with enough research you will find the right one for you. This article is designed to help you learn more about the career field and the advantages and benefits of pursuing this type of degree. It isn’t here to drive you towards any particular school or type of education. To ensure you have all the information you need, follow this link to find a list of Mississippi State Approved schools provided by the state. Keep in mind that this list only includes in-state colleges. To explore out of state offering, generally through their online programs, you will need to continue your research outside of this article. To help you get started a list of a few schools that could meet your needs has been included with this article. This is an important step towards your end goals so make sure you focus on research and ask every question you can think of. In the end, your prep work will pay off in significant ways.