Hawaii LPN to RN Programs

The registered nursing career path is seeing an alarming amount of growth. This is primarily due to the growth and advancing age of our population. As more people enter the population and move into the later years of their life, the demand for quality, even basic, health care is more important than ever. As an LPN you are already making a difference in the field, but you can do much more and find many more rewards by earning a RN license. With registered nursing expected to continue to be the fastest growing career path over the next decade, entering the field now is the perfect time; and you can do it in two years or less.

With only 10,000 registered nurses working throughout Hawaii, you can easily see why the demand is so high on the islands. You will also be happy to hear that a registered nurse in Hawaii earns an average income of almost $85,000 a year. Your income will vary based on experience, education, location, employer and many other factors. Experience and education are key, but earning both at the same time can be difficult on a busy schedule. Exploring online learning programs will give you the ability to overcome some of the difficulties and they are easier to pursue than you may expect.

Online degree programs are offered by local universities, community colleges and large national online universities. If you want to mix online and campus based courses, local offerings will likely be your best bet. No matter what you choose, an online degree program does not require you to be a computer expert, you just need to have a computer that can do word processing and surf the internet. You will find an online campus which acts as a central hub for your college and links to student’s benefits and tools can all be found through this hub. In addition, you will find links to each classroom that has learning aids in a downloadable format as well as message boards for class wide discussions. The only scheduling constraints you need to focus on are the due dates assigned at the start of a semester for graded work. The time you spend studying, and when you spend it, are up to you, which gives you the freedom to earn your degree no matter how busy your personal and work schedules may be.

The Hawai’i Nurses Association is a great resource that you will turn to throughout your education and career. With a focus on community, networking and benefits for nurses, you will find plenty of assistance as you start your education and will be able to pass on your knowledge once you are in your career. You can view the full site and all the benefits that come with membership here.

Paying for College

There is a huge financial investment that comes with an education at any level. This can often drive potential students away from working towards their education, but with a little focus on the options available to help you cover costs, you will quickly see how easy it is to go back to school on any budget. To start, talk to your employer about what potential financial aid they offer. Often times tuition assistance or reimbursement is offered with the expectation that you will stay on as a registered nurse upon completion of your education and passing the NCLEX-RN.

Colleges offer an array of scholarships, loans and other financial assistance options. These are often unique to students that enroll in their particular courses. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also offers loans, scholarships and loan repayment programs. You will find that the loan repayment programs are one of the most important options available as they reward you with a large payment towards your educational debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area. Full information can be found here.


Kapi’olani Community College LPN to RN Transition Program

As you start to transition from an LPN to a RN, your education will be key to your success. Finding the right learning institute will be important. While the courses and programs of study will be key, you will want to ensure the campus enhances your abilities in ways you may not have thought about. Fortunately, KCC embraces the idea of teaching students a holistic and scientific way of looking at nursing. You will spend time with over 7,000 other students, all pursuing their own dreams, which will give you access to new ways of looking at your environment and community. This focus on preparing you for a rapidly changing and diverse career will ensure that you can quickly move into your new position and become a leader in the field.