District of Columbia LPN to RN Programs

Registered nursing is the fastest growing career path right now and that growth is expected to continue through 2020 at a minimum according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As an LPN, you can enter the field in one to two years depending on the degree level you wish to pursue. This growth is a direct result of the growth and advancing age of our population. As more people enter the world and enter the later parts of their lives, the need for quality health care has become increasingly important. As an LPN you are already making a difference, but your ability to earn more money, advance in your career and find more employment opportunities will increase as soon as you enter the field as a registered nurse.

With less than 11,000 registered nurses working in the District of Columbia, the need for additional RNs is obvious. On average, registered nurses in the District of Columbia earn $76,000 a year. Experience, education, location, employer and other factors will affect the amount that you earn throughout your career. Experience and education are the two most important factors, but finding a way to continue working as an LPN while going to school may seem daunting. Turning to online programs, at least partially, can make this a much easier process and allow you to earn a degree without a real impact on your current schedule.

Some students prefer online degree programs from large national colleges, while others look for local colleges that allow them to mix online and campus based courses. No matter what you choose, you won’t need to be a computer expert to succeed. Your online campus is a simple webpage with links to your classes and student services. The only scheduling you will need to focus on is the due dates set forth at the start of a semester for graded work. As long as you are submitting your work by that due date, it is up to you, on a daily basis, when you study. Communication is handled through message boards for class wide discussions and your instructor is an email or phone call away. If you have further questions or concerns, talk to online colleges about virtual tools so you can get a hands on feel for their learning tools.

Throughout your education and career the District of Columbia Nurses Association will be a key ally in ensuring you make the most of both. Throughout your education, experienced nurses will be able to give you advice and share their experiences, and as you make it farther in your own career as a registered nurse you will be able to guide new students on their path. There are countless other resources that will be important throughout your education and career so start exploring the DCNA offerings here.

Paying for College

The cost of college has only gone up over time. The expenses can make it hard for students to commit to additional time in college, even for the short amount of time required for your LPN to RN program. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to help you cover these costs. First, look to your employer as they will often offer financial assistance in the form of tuition reimbursement or a similar benefit. In addition, you will likely have a permanent position as a registered nurse one you graduate.

Colleges offer unique loans, scholarships and other financial aid to students that attend their facilities, so make sure that you discuss this in detail with the schools you explore. Possibly the most important of all assistance will come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The HSNA offers loans, grants and loan repayment programs to students pursuing a degree in the medical field. You should pay special attention to the loan repayment programs as they offer large payments towards you student debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area. The experience you earn at this time is also highly valuable as you look for permanent employment. Follow this link for all the information you need.


University of the District of Columbia

Approved by the DC Board of Nursing and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. you can rest assured that your education through the UDC will be highly respected by employers throughout the nation. You will also find that the school offers additional programs that allow you to continue your education and specialize as you see fit once you get through the first step you are pursuing. With a focus on education, research and community service, your education will prepare you for a diverse and constantly changing work environment. As the only public university in the nation’s capital, your ability to network with the next group of leaders in their fields will be a central perk to attending this highly respected college.