Arizona LPN to RN Programs

The health care industry is seeing a huge increase in demand of skilled graduates. As an LPN you are already helping overcome this challenge within the industry, but you can do even more, and earn a higher income in the process. By pursuing a LPN to RN program you can become a registered nurse in just a couple of years and will enjoy a great deal of perks that come with the increased ranking within the nursing profession. The increased demand for professionals in the field comes primarily from the fact that our population is growing and a huge portion of it is aging. This requires basic health care checks that can be very difficult for many residents of Arizona to find.

There are under 45,000 registered nurses working in Arizona which leaves plenty of room for you to enter the field and find work quickly. In fact, many nurses will already have a position lined up for them once they graduate and pass the NCLEX-RN which will license them as a registered nurse. Arizona based registered nurses also earn a very comfortable average salary of over $71,000 a year. Your hours will vary based on where you work, and this can lead to changes in your income. Experience, education, specialization, position and employer will also have a huge impact on your income, so doing a little research will ensure that you find the best position and income for what you are looking for.

As you start to look for the right place to start gaining experience, keep the following information in mind. Prescott, Kingman and Flagstaff have the highest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population. Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson have the lowest percentage in the same rankings, but you will find the highest average income in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott. Use this information as a way to ensure that you aren’t looking for work long. You could also start working as a LPN in these areas and work towards moving up within the company as you graduate and earn your RN license.

Scottsdale healthcare Hospitals and Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, and Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix rank among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries and could be great employers to start earning experience with. You will also likely find tuition reimbursement or assistance through the larger employers and should carefully consider those benefits as you explore employment opportunities. It is more likely that you will have to choose from many offers than it is that you struggle to find a position at all.

Paying for College

There is no easy way to handle the expense of college, but there are plenty of ways to lessen the burden that educational expenses can bring to the table. As mentioned, employers can be a valuable partner in covering some of your expenses. In addition, you will find that college offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other financial aid programs for students that enroll in their courses.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also offers a range of loans, scholarships and loan repayment programs to those pursuing a degree in the health care field. You can find the specific information about all of the options here. Take special note of the loan repayment programs as they offer large payments towards your educational debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area in need of health care. That experience is valuable as employers will hold it in high regard.

You will also find plenty of assistance during your education and career through the Arizona Nurses Association. During your education, you will find help in your studies and through financial issues here. Once you enter the field as a registered nurse, you will find plenty of useful resources through the site and you should spend plenty of time getting familiar with the assistance that are offered.


There are plenty of schools that offer LPN to RN programs throughout the state and country. Before deciding on a school you should decide if you wish to consider an online education. While many students shy away from online degree programs for a number of reasons, most of those are misconceptions. You will earn the same degree and spend the same amount of time in school. Your studies will not differ from those of a campus based education and you will still participate in discussions with other classmates. Often times, online classrooms are larger and discussions can last longer as they are handled through a sophisticated message board system. There are countless advantages to an online degree program but the two most important are in the way that the program frees up your time and lets you schedule your education and in the fact that you are able to earn your degree from colleges that are located all around the country. With that in mind, look at a few options found on this page to see if any of these colleges meet your particular needs.

There are also plenty of online and campus based colleges throughout Arizona and there is no better resource for finding the right college for you than the Arizona State Board of Nursing. You will find plenty of information about approved programs throughout the state as well as additional guides and FAQs that will help you chose the right course of study for you. There are other resources that will help you as you move from an LPN to RN, so spend some time browsing the site before you decide where you wish to enroll to pursue your degree.