Occupational Health Nurse Salary

An occupational health nurse’s salary will provide you with a very financially stable future. People seeking an unconventional nursing profession may enjoy these jobs. If you want to find a way to help the general population working in potentially dangerous working environments, this is the nursing field for you.

Occupational Health Nurse Job and Education

The general idea of the occupational health nurse is to educate, hopefully proactively, employees who work in potentially dangerous work environments of the potential consequences of not following protocol. Companies spend millions of dollars to protect their employees from potential hazards. They will bring in experts to protect their assets, the employees, from hazardous chemicals and materials. They will buy the best, protective gear proven to protect employees from ingesting or breathing in potentially toxic fumes or particles. They will even spend thousands of dollars on occupational health nurses to come in and provide physicals to employees at various times throughout their employment to ensure they are not being inadvertently injured while on the job. If you choose this nursing path, you may be responsible for giving educational presentations to the entire company. You must be able to convey the seriousness of the subject manner. You might be hired to come in after an accident has occurred to assess the seriousness of each employee’s situation. You might be hired to come in if the company is beginning to use a new hazardous chemical to explain the potential health dangers. Regardless of the reason you are hired, you will be educated and trained to handle nearly all situations.

An occupational health nurse’s salary is greatly dependent upon the education a person chooses to complete. You will be required to become a Registered Nurse; however, some employers will only require an associate’s degree. If you choose to complete an associate’s degree initially, you should continue your education while your work through online universities. If you are interested in pay increases, promotions, or simply better job opportunities, you will be required to complete a bachelor’s degree. If you wish to achieve top careers in occupational health nursing, you should complete the occupational health nurse certification to demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter.

Occupational Health Nurses Salary

An occupational health nurse’s salary is also greatly dependent upon many other variables. If you work for a large, wealthy employer, such as a private clinic, you could earn over $80,000 annually. If you work in a small community for a smaller employer, you are more likely to earn closer to $50,000 a year. If you have a few years’ experience and the occupational health nurse certification, you should expect to make around $65,000 a year.

An occupational health nurse’s salary will provide you with all the tools you need for a secure future. These positions are highly rewarding. You can start this career today through online courses.