Occupational Health Nurse Jobs

Occupational health nurse jobs serve as regulators of sorts. These nurses are essential to the safety of millions in the general work force. If you are interested in nursing positions which protect people who work in potentially dangerous environments, this could be the job for you.

Occupational Health Nurse Job Possibilities

Occupational health nurse jobs are available through a number of various, potential employers. Millions of people work in potentially dangerous work environments. While organizations such as OSHA ensure they meet environmental and safety measures of a particular kind, an occupational health nurse will ensure employees are not being exposed to potentially dangerous situations from a health perspective. People who work in coal mines face a serious amount of health risks. They are working several hours a day in poorly ventilated spaces which are often tight spaces while ingesting and inhaling dangerous particles. Employers are to ensure their employees wear specialized masks to prevent severe damage to employees’ lungs and other potential threats. Some employees find the masks too restrictive to be able to complete their jobs effectively and meet an employer’s efficiency standards, so they choose not to wear the masks. If you choose to become an occupational health nurse, you might be hired to monitor the damage levels of such people throughout their careers. You might be hired to provide coal workers educational seminars on the dangers of their jobs and how to protect their health. You might be hired by coal miner employers to verify whether or not people are wearing their masks. At the end of the day, your job is to protect the employees’ health regardless of why you were hired.

Other occupational health nurse jobs may be equally as rewarding. You could work in meat packing plants. These workers are exposed to raw meat and dangerous machines. Animals sometimes carry airborne diseases. You could work in the construction industry to help employees protect themselves when working around dangerous chemicals. These nursing jobs are incredibly important to find a way to express the potential health dangers of all jobs in a manner which will actually be taken seriously. Sometimes, people who work in dangerous jobs often believe something tragic could never happen to them. You must be able to show them it can happen to anyone. Your education will help prepare you for these presentations.


Occupational health nurse jobs will require you to become a Registered Nurse. You will be required to complete an advanced degree, pass the state licensure exam, and become registered. Most employers prefer Registered Nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a specialization in occupational health. If you wish to set yourself apart, consider taking an occupational health nurse certificate course.

Occupational health nurse jobs are growing in demand. You will be saving the lives of people who are often forgotten. You can begin this noble nursing profession by taking online courses.