Occupational Health Nurse Job Description

Each occupational health nurse job description will provide you will a list of desirable attributes and skills, expected roles and responsibilities, and educational requirements. These nursing careers are growing in demand as people continue to work in potentially dangerous work environments. If you are interested in protecting people working in such conditions, this may be the career path for you.

Occupational Health Nurse Job Description

An occupational health nurse job description will vary from employer to employer. Many job descriptions will have similar specifications. You must be an excellent communicator with people on all levels. You will be responsible for educating people on the dangers of their jobs. You must be able to convey medical terminology to non-medical people. You must also be able to relate and engage your audience. If you do not enjoy public speaking, you will be required to work on this skill, or you might consider another nursing field. You will also be responsible for speaking with executives. They will convey to you what it is they hope to teach their employees, and you will be responsible for communicating that message to the workers. You might also be responsible for speaking with legal counsel. You may be hired to review the safety levels of a work environment. In the future, if a problem arises with an employee, you may be hired to testify as to your findings.

You can also be responsible for treating employees after an incident. You will be responsible for reviewing each patient’s previous health and assessing their current conditions. Today, most manufacturers use hazardous materials and chemicals to some extent. These companies are required to properly label these containers, store them in the appropriate conditions, and people must be trained how to handle each type of hazardous material or chemical. If a fire were to start within one of these areas, anyone exposed to the accident could face a serious health threat. In some manufacturing facilities, they use a foam-based extinguishing system rather than a water-based sprinkler system to prevent further fire damage. People may accidentally ingest the foam or get it into their eyes. If you are the occupational health nurse, you will have to address this situation as well. A proper education in occupational health nursing will prepare you for almost anything.


An occupational health nurse job description will seek Registered Nurses. Many people are choosing to change careers to the medical field for improved job security. If you are one of these people, you should consider completing online degrees in nursing while you are still employed. You should also complete the occupational health nurse certification to be considered for top careers in this field.

An occupational health nurse job description will provide you with a good idea of what to expect in a job. These positions are extremely important in protecting the general population. It only takes one occupational course to begin.