Occupational Health Nurse Certification

Occupational health nurse certification will make you an expert in the eyes of all hiring employers. If you are seeking top careers in the occupational health nursing field, this is the path for you. Not everyone will be eligible, and not everyone is interested in this certification. It will enhance your pay and your occupational knowledge tremendously.

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Occupational health nursing is a highly specialized nursing field. People who choose this profession are typically extraordinarily compassionate individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting the general population from potential dangers in working environments. Millions of people are working in dangerous environments each day. Most people understand a threat exists; however, most people believe something bad will never happen to them. Some workplace dangers are created by a lack of safety procedures, while other workplace dangers are simply due to the environment. Many everyday people work with incredibly dangerous chemicals each day. These people may work in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, or even hospitals. Occupational health nurses exist to protect these individuals from falling into harm’s way.

Some hazards are unpreventable and others are simply unforeseen. If a train carrying toxic chemicals crashes along its route, thousands of people could potentially put their lives and health at risk to prevent further exposure and damage to the general population. As an occupational health nurse, you could be called in to examine every person exposed to the hazardous materials. You may have to take blood tests, urine tests, take skin samples, monitor symptoms for months or longer, and you may have to be monitored yourself for being exposed to the people directly exposed. The people most at risk will be the people who worked on the train as they will not have been prepared in all likelihood with hazardous protective gear when they left the train to seek safety. You must monitor their existing vitals, observe them for any potentially contagious or infectious threats, release them home, and contact an occupational health nurse in their area to continue treatment and observation. It may be a very long time before people who were directly exposed are able to be released, or it could be a false alarm and they will be released straightaway. An occupational health nurse certification will help prepare you to determine the seriousness of each situation.

Occupational Health Nurse Certification Requirements

The occupational health nurse certification is not mandatory at this time; however, it is highly recommended. This certification proves that you have exceeded basic occupational health nurse education and training standards. It also shows employers you are dedicated to being the best in your profession. You must become a Registered Nurse to complete either certification examination.

An occupational health nurse certification will aid you in being a better nurse. It will also provide you with better career opportunities. It all begins with the proper education.