Obstetrics Nurse

An obstetrics nurse plays a crucial role in the continued growth of civilization. If you choose this nursing profession, you will have hands-on experience caring for and watching the development of a child throughout the pregnancy of your patient. If you are interested in a career in which you will be working with pregnant women, this may be the career for you.

Job Description

People who choose to become an obstetrics nurse will have many extraordinary experiences. Not all nursing positions are as potentially joyful as this nursing specialization. Of course, not all pregnancies turn out perfectly; however, most nurses work in an environment where people have something wrong with them. For the most part, the patients of obstetrics nurses are overjoyed to be going to the doctor. Part of your job will be to ensure pregnant women have an understanding of how to take care of themselves throughout their pregnancy and after giving birth. You will continue to care for the baby and mother immediately following delivery. You will be working with the patient throughout her pregnancy to educate her on the stages of her pregnancy and what she should expect. You will also educate her on the potential complications which may be warning signs that something is not right. You must advise her to go to the hospital immediately if she feels something has gone wrong. You will advise her on the type of foods which are acceptable and encouraged to be eaten during pregnancy and which foods should be avoided to prevent possible issues. You will develop a customized pregnancy plan for each patient.

Each of your pregnancy patients will be different. Some women develop diabetes while they are pregnant. Other women gain an incredible amount of weight. Some women have uncomfortable pregnancies due to side effects such as swelling, the position of the baby, or morning sickness. You will also have women come in with a specific pregnancy plan and birthing plan. Some women want their experience to be as natural as possible. Other women know they want pain medication from the beginning. You must also be willing to adapt a patient’s plan if complications arise for any number of reasons. Your education and training will prepare you for any pregnancy complications.

Nursing Educational Requirements

As with all nursing regimens, if you choose to become an obstetrics nurse, you will be required to become a Registered Nurse. The path you take to become a Registered Nurse is up to you. Some people prefer to complete a bachelor’s degree straightaway; whereas, other people choose to complete an associate’s degree and continue their education through online universities while they gain practical experience. Either way, you will be required to have a specialization in obstetrics and complete an obstetrics certification.

An obstetrics nurse has the joy of working with new life. Not all pregnancies are perfect, so you must be prepared to customize each plan. Online courses are waiting to enhance your career prospects today.