Nursery Nurse

The nursery nurse has possibly one of the most rewarding jobs in the nursing field. In this specialty, the nurse is in charge of taking care of newborn babies who have been born in the hospital. These babies generally remain in the nursery for one to two days, depending on whether there were any complications for the baby or the mother during the delivery process. There are many duties that the nursery or baby nurse must fulfill every day; although, there is no additional training required to become a nurse in the nursery unit of the hospital.


The responsibilities of the nursery nurse will vary from day to day. One day, the nurse may be in the delivery room when the babies are born where they will check the baby for any complications that arise due to the delivery process. The nurse will also take the weight of the baby at birth as well as measure its head and its length. If required, the nurse will also administer any oxygen or suck out any mucus that is preventing the baby from breathing properly. Other days, the nurse in the nursery will act as a kind of babysitter to the babies that are in the nursery. They will feed the baby while the mother gets some much-needed rest before they bring the baby home as well as show the new parents the proper way to bathe the baby when they go home. They will also weigh the baby at least one time per shift and ensure the baby is healthy enough to go home for the first time.

Required Education

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The job of the nursery nurse can be considered an entry-level position in nursing because the only requirement is that the qualified nurse holds the designation of Registered Nurse. They can earn this designation with as little as two years in college that provides them with the Associate of Science in Nursing. With this degree, they can then go on to participate in any licensure examinations that are required by the state in which they wish to work. Each state has different requirements; therefore, it is important to check with any local licensure departments during the educational process. The education that is required can be completed in an online, delivery format where the courses are completed online and any required hands-on training is completed in a nursery of a local hospital.

The role of the nursery nurse is much more important than many people think. They are the first ones who take care of babies before they go home to be with their families; therefore, this type of nurse needs to have a true love for all the newborns as they come into the world. Between the aspects of working with the most precious babies every day, the competitive salary that is offered, and the minimal education required, you have one of the most-sought-after nursing jobs today.