What is a Nurse Practitioner?

When you set out to learn what a Nurse Practitioner is, you will find that they are Registered Nurses (RNs) that have furthered their education and training within an area of specialty. A good example of specializations would be pediatrics or family practice.

Sometimes there are other ways of referring to what is a Nurse Practitioner such as APNs. An APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) will hold a master’s degree in nursing, which is an MS or an MSN along with a Board certification for their particular specialty.

There have been Nurse Practitioners around for over 40 years. They deliver primary care and sometimes acute care and are well-qualified for meeting most of a patient’s needs in regard to healthcare. They put a strong emphasis on the health and the wellness of the patients they care for.

Some of the duties performed by a Nurse Practitioner are:

(1). Interpret Lab Results/X-rays

(2). Diagnose & Treat Chronic Problems

(3). Give Physical Exams

(4). Prescribe & Manage Medications

(5). Teach & Counsel Patients

(6). Make Referrals to Other Professionals if Needed

Salaries and Career Outlook

We have had a shortage for Nurse Practitioners for some time now. The whole nursing industry is in high demand. It is one of the largest occupations within the healthcare industry.

The American Nurses Association has stated that nearly 60% to 80% of all preventive and primary care can be handled by a Nurse Practitioner. This ever-growing emphasis on public health and prevention is sure to create an excellent environment for job opportunities in the future for Nurse Practitioners.

As of 2010, Nurse Practitioners had an average, yearly salary that reached around $90,000. If you choose this as your career path, then you are going to be in big demand, which means job security. You will play a vital role in meeting the primary care needs of many patients, and the salaries are expected to grow quickly in recognition of this fact.

Work Environment and Great Opportunity to Become a Nurse Practitioner

When you take on the job of what a Nurse Practitioner is, you will be giving primary care for many people during healthcare and during illnesses. Your work environment will be in settings that are rural and some that are urban. These can consist of:

a. Hospitals

b. Nursing Homes

c. Community Health Centers

d. Public Health Departments

e. Student Health Clinics

f. HMOs

g. Home Health Agencies

If you believe that this could be the career for you, then your opportunity is here. Many people are earning degrees through online distance education. Many people are too busy to go back to college the old, traditional way by attending school at a college campus.

You can become a Nurse Practitioner by starting your education from home. Taking online courses can get you the career training you need to get started. The first step is to get enrolled. You can enroll today and start your online courses tomorrow. Enroll today.