Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Physicians have very busy and eventful jobs that sometimes require them to add personnel to their staff that will be both effective and inexpensive. This is where the physician hires the services of an advanced nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner works directly under the physician and has virtually the same job description as the doctor. They are able to diagnose and treat patients as well as run tests and prescribe medication. The main duties included in the nurse practitioner’s job description include; checkups, diagnosing and treating conditions. Hours and schedules for the nurse practitioner can include both working in the office during the normal office hours as well as taking call shifts where they are available for any after-hours emergencies.

Treatments and Diagnosis

The main duties associated with the nurse practitioner’s job description include the element of patient care. This quality care includes conducting physical examinations for the purpose of either preventive care or the diagnosis of various injuries and illnesses. The nurse practitioner is fully qualified to order various types of lab work and procedures such as X-Rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and blood work as well as prescribing medications that will help the patient recover from their ailments. During business hours, the doctor will generally be either a phone call away or on the premises should a problem arise with the patient or the nurse practitioner has any questions about the care they should provide to the patient. The nurse practitioner is qualified to see all types of patients from the mentally ill to orthopedic and maternity patients. The office in which the nurse practitioner is employed will typically offer some form of continuing education courses to provide additional education into their specialty. Some states do allow the nurse practitioner to work in their own private practice; however, most states do require the nurse practitioner work in an established physician’s office.


The working schedule included in the nurse practitioner’s job description often include working most office hours as well as assisting the doctor with any on-call shifts to give them a break once or twice a week and some weekends. This on-call shift will consist of taking phone calls from patients who have problems that cannot wait until the following business day. During these calls, the nurse practitioner will triage the symptoms over the phone and recommend the proper care, whether that involves the patient coming into the office the next day, taking over-the-counter medication, or going to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The actual nurse practitioner’s job description will vary depending on the type of office they work in. This is a position that requires an advanced graduate level degree; therefore, should this career be the goal, the student should start out with a bachelor’s degree in nursing which will qualify them to go on to the master’s studies field where they will gain all of the knowledge required to become successful in this exciting field of medicine.