Midwifery Schools

The certified nurse midwife is one who has extensive nursing experience in the obstetrics field as well as a graduate level certificate in midwifery. These two elements provide the nurse midwife with a successful career where they are fully capable to help women in their childbearing years to have healthy reproductive systems as well as healthy pregnancies and babies. The job of the midwife is as close to an obstetrician as one can get without becoming an actual doctor. The midwife must attend one of the midwifery schools that is accredited and will provide them with the quality education required to become successful in the field. This education usually starts with a bachelor’s degree.

Pre-graduate school requirements

Before one can begin their midwifery school and training, they must first go through one of the many available nursing programs to earn their bachelor’s degree in nursing. This program can be completed through online universities where the nurse can earn their degree completely online. After this four-year program has been completed and board exams have been passed, the nurse who wants to become a midwife should then begin working in a doctor’s office or in the labor and delivery unit of a hospital. Once some experience in the labor and delivery specialty has been earned, it will be time to apply for a midwifery certification program.

Graduate programs

There are numerous programs that go all the way up to the PhD level; however, most aspiring midwives can complete the master’s program through any midwifery school. The certification program will last about two years and like the bachelor’s program can be completed in an online format. This program will give the student virtually the same education as a doctor without the internships and residency programs that take a lot of time. Once the midwife certification has been earned, the nurse receives the title of certified nurse midwife.

If you are an aspiring nurse who wants to help expectant mothers, you should research the multiple midwifery schools available that will help you get into this career. This is one of the most exciting careers in the nursing profession. If you already have a bachelor’s degree or simply want to become a nurse midwife, find a school that will give you the education and skills required for this challenging career.