Midwife Training

One of the careers most desired by nurses who already work in the obstetrics department or nursery of a hospital is that of the certified nurse midwife. This career enables the nurse to deliver babies and provide prenatal care to expectant mothers. The midwife training is mostly complete once the bachelor of science degree in nursing has been earned. After the BSN is complete, the nurse will then be required to gain experience before going on to graduate school to earn a certification in midwifery. Once this program has been completed, the midwife is fully qualified in the profession and can begin providing quality cost-effective patient care.

Undergraduate degree and experience

The first pieces of midwife training will consist of a four-year bachelor of science degree with a specialty in nursing. This online degree program will provide the nursing student with the skills and education needed to go right to work after graduation in the obstetrics department of a hospital. When the nurse begins their career in the field, they should start out at the office of a qualified and established obstetrician. In addition to working for a doctor, the nurse should also have some experience working in the actual labor and delivery portion of a hospital where they are able to assist the doctor in all aspects of childbirth. With the two types of experience earned, the nurse is fully prepared to begin the graduate program in midwifery.

Graduate school

The final element in midwife training is that of graduate school. The certificate program in midwifery will qualify them to begin working in either a doctor’s office or in their own private practice. Through this program, the aspiring midwife will be able to take courses online similar to that of the bachelor’s degree and then go onto gain hands-on training in the field. This program will provide the student with education in all aspects of childbirth. This type of degree is typically completed in about two years; however, this time can be cut down to should the nurse find one of the many accelerated learning programs.

The overall midwife training can be completed in less than ten years, which is much less than if you were to become an actual doctor. While the information provided is about the same, the time spent with hands-on training is much less. Previous education and experience in the nursing field, allows nurses to be confident in their skills and knowledge needed to successfully provide care to all patients.