Midwife Jobs

The role of a nurse midwife is to provide safe and quality prenatal care as well as care throughout the labor and delivery process. This is a fun and exciting job for any nurse who enjoys bringing in new life. The education required to become a nurse midwife after you have earned the bachelor of science degree in nursing involves the master’s level degree with the major course of study in midwifery. Midwife jobs can be found in either a doctor’s office or a private practice.

Doctor’s office midwives

The midwife jobs located in the office of an established doctor is for those patients who prefer the same quality of expertise that the doctor provides with the cost-effectiveness and the natural expertise of a midwife. The midwife in this type of establishment is one who has recently earned their degree and just starting out in their midwife career. The duties involved in this establishment include working the same hours as the physician and providing prenatal care to all maternity patients who desire the services of a midwife. The prenatal care consists of examinations to determine if the baby is developing properly and that the expectant mother remains healthy. When the time comes for the baby to arrive, the midwife will then meet the mother in the establishment they desire and assist with the delivery process.

Private practice midwives

Many expectant mothers and midwives alike enjoy the added benefits of the midwife jobs in the private practice setting. In this setting, the midwife can determine how many patients they will have at one time to ensure that they are readily available for any question, concern or need that the patient will need throughout their pregnancy. This midwife is typically experienced both in the field of labor and delivery in the nurse capacity as well as in the capacity as a midwife. Like the midwife jobs in the physician’s office, the midwife in the private practice has the obligation to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Midwife jobs are commonly completed at the office of an obstetrician/gynecologist, although once the midwife gains experience, they can work independently. This is a job that has great rewards and allows the midwife the ability to deliver babies and take care of expectant mothers without the rigorous training associated with medical school.