Midwife Job Description

A midwife can work in an independent manner or in the office of an established obstetrician or gynecologist. While the establishments may vary, the duties included in the midwife job description are the same. The midwife is in charge of all prenatal care as well as the delivery process of expectant mothers. A qualified midwife will be a registered nurse who has experience in the labor and delivery element of medicine. While there are programs that allow one to become certified in a short amount of time, the midwifery certification program provides the highest quality education and provides the aspiring midwife with the best chance at future success.

Prenatal duties of a midwife

The main aspect of the nurse midwife job description is prenatal care for expectant mothers. Through prenatal care, the midwife examines the expectant mother throughout their pregnancy by taking measurements as well as monitoring vital signs. Additionally, the midwife will provide prenatal testing in the form of blood testing, glucose testing and ultrasounds as required. These tests ensure the overall health of the mother and baby.

Delivery duties of a midwife

When the time comes for the mother to deliver her baby, the midwife’s training really comes into play. This is the main portion of the midwife job description where they must be ready for anything, especially if the mother decides on a home birth. When labor begins, the mother will call in the midwife. The midwife will then monitor the labor process and determine how well it progresses. When the baby is born, the midwife will also provide care in the post-delivery process and continue to monitor the condition of the mother to ensure she does not have any complications such as a possible hemorrhage after delivery.

The midwife job description is very similar to that of an obstetrician. This is a fun and exciting job for nurses who enjoy the labor and delivery process and want to help bring new life into the world using the most natural forms of childbirth.