Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs

At some point, many nurses get ready for a career change but are not willing to leave healthcare completely. For these nurses, non-clinical jobs can be the ideal solution. Non-clinical nursing jobs allow you to enjoy working in the healthcare field without being responsible for providing direct care to patients. There are many reasons why a nurse may choose this career path and just as many possible job opportunities.

Reasons to Choose Non-Clinical Jobs

There are many reasons why nurses choose to switch to a non-clinical position. Sometimes it is due to the mental stress of nursing or career burnout. In other cases, the shift may be a necessity due to the development of physical limitations. Nurses who have suffered an illness or injury as well as those who are aging may find that it is increasingly difficult or impossible to perform the job well and choose to leave direct patient care for a less physically demanding job. Still other nurses need a constant challenge and are just looking for a fresh learning experience. These nurses often choose to enter management, teaching, operations, health finance, consulting, healthcare IT, and others.

Job Options

Whatever the reasons for changing jobs, there are many excellent opportunities for nurses in non-clinical positions. Nurses may choose to work in healthcare recruiting, drawing the best and brightest to a hospital or clinic. Others may enter healthcare information technology or nursing informatics to ensure that all information is current, accessible, and is handled properly. Some may find their dream jobs as patient advocates, using their clinical knowledge and understanding of the healthcare system to help patients and their families get the best possible care.

Nurses who are looking for a new challenge often choose to enter education by teaching in nursing school, in high school science classes, or in medical certification courses. They may also choose to become professional medical writers or to enter management as a healthcare executive, chief nursing officer, or hospital administrator.

In addition to these choices, nurses may choose to work in non-healthcare facilities such as medical consulting for insurance companies, law firms, and pharmaceutical companies. Alternatively, they may become legal nurse consultants or work as independent consultants to a variety of businesses.

Regardless of the reasons for choosing non-clinical jobs or the particular jobs chosen, many nurses are finding that making this type of career shift is a rewarding next step in this vital profession.