Nephrology Nurse

A nephrology nurse cares for patients who are either experiencing or are in danger of kidney disease. The role of a nephrology nurse has grown in scope over time, and they are growing in numbers as well. Nephrology nursing is a field that works to prevent disease and assess a patient’s health needs.

A nephrology nurse practices in: hospitals, dialysis clinics, transplant programs, physician practices, and many other inpatient or outpatient settings. They may even work in patient’s homes. Many times when working in an inpatient setting, the patients are critically ill. The care is challenging and fast-paced.

With the outpatient settings, a nephrology nurse becomes a very integral member within a multi-disciplinary team caring for patients who have very complex needs. They become an educator, advocate, care coordinator, consultant, and direct caregiver. They oversee the long-term care of patients who are critically ill.

Nephrology nurses have a definite, positive impact on life quality for their patients. Some of the other areas of opportunity for a nephrology nurse are in:

(1). Advanced Practice Nurse

(2). Education

(3). Pediatric Nephrology

(4). Research

(5). Case Management

(6). Corporate/Government

(7). Pediatric Nephrology

Nephrology nurses deal with more than just kidneys. They deal with all organs within the human body. They are driven by new, technological advances and are in a field that has become much-needed and very dynamic. There are many career opportunities within this career field.

Additional Functions of Nephrology Nurses

Nephrology nurses need to possess a basic knowledge that is relevant to every aspect of adult and pediatric kidney patient care. A few subject areas they need to be well trained in are:

a. Growth & Development

b. Counseling/Interviewing

c. Rehabilitation Principles

d. Nutrition

e. Anatomy

f. Physiology

g. Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy

These are just a few examples. The list is actually much more extensive.

The care that these nurses give can be very complex. Their patients can be suffering from many comorbid conditions like:

1. Bone Disease

2. Psychiatric Conditions

3. Hypertension

4. Cardiovascular Disease

5. Diabetes

A fact to be considered is that not every kidney patient needs dialysis or a transplant. Some conditions are treatable and some curable.

Breaking Into This Career Field

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