Mental Health Nurse

Many people do not realize that any establishment that administers medication to patients must have a nurse on the premises including mental health facilities and inpatient rehabilitation centers. These establishments generally employ what is referred to as the mental health nurse. The mental health nurse is specially trained to deal with various situations that may arise when dealing with people who have all kinds of mental disorders. Treating patients with mental disorders can be very different than treating patients who are simply ill or injured. There are signs that the nurse in mental health needs to be aware of and watching for at all times. When the nurse is successful, they rarely have any situations they do not feel comfortable handling on their own.

Training for mental health nurses

There is a significant amount of nurse training that goes into becoming a mental health nurse. The first part is to go through an accredited university, campus- or online-based, to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing. This undergraduate degree should take four years to complete unless there is an accelerated learning program. In these accelerated programs, the student may have the option to fast track their education by allowing them to complete their degree in about three-and-a-half years. After the bachelor’s degree has been earned and the required state examinations for the registered nurse title have been passed, the nurse will then be able to begin working in the field. There will be continuing education courses that they will be required to take in order to earn the qualification in the mental health specialty of nursing. These continuing education courses will teach the nurse all of the latest developments in various aspects of treating the mentally ill, enabling them to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

Employment for mental health nurses

There are many different establishments where opportunities are found for the mental health nurse. The main outlet for these jobs is a mental health facility or resident program. Mental disorders may cause otherwise normal people to become extremely unpredictable; therefore, if treatment is not working or the patient is refusing treatment, they are referred to a mental health facility for evaluation and treatment. Other venues where mental health trained nurses are employed are the rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

The mental health nurse needs to have additional training specific to what they will find in the mental health industry such as how to deal with patients who have forgotten where they are or have other serious symptoms. While this can be a very difficult job with additional required training, it can also be a highly rewarding job, both personally and financially.