Medical Surgical Nursing

The nurse in the medical surgical nursing field can work in either the surgical unit or the post-operative unit reserved for those who have had surgical procedures. While a medical surgery nurse is not required by law to have additional training in the surgical field, most hospitals recommend that nurses obtain a certification in surgery before seeking employment. Nurses in the medical surgery specialty are tasked with the care of the patients before, during and after all surgical procedures.

Basic surgical units

The medical surgical nursing specialty generally requires nurses to have at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, before working in basic surgical units of hospitals. Along with a bachelor’s degree, nurses may also need additional training to become certified in the surgical field. This type of department requires the medical surgery nurse to take vital signs and assist patients to prepare for surgery. Additionally, the medical surgical nurse will review the patients medical history and report any prior surgical procedures, as well as any other medical problems the patient has experienced. The nurse will provide assistance during the surgery, as required by the surgeon. After surgery, the nurse will watch the patient’s vital signs and watch for any symptoms that show the patient is having a reaction to the medication given during surgery.

Medical surgical units

The medical surgical unit in a hospital provides around-the-clock care to patients who have gone through serious surgical procedures such as organ transplants or heart operations. In this aspect of the medical surgical nursing field, the nurse is typically only required to hold the title of registered nurse although many hospitals are now recommending certification in the medical surgery field. In this unit, the nurse will closely watch the patients’ vital signs and perform post-op treatments such as wound care.

Medical surgical nursing is one of the top paying nursing jobs, with a rate of around $30 per hour, plus overtime. This is one of the most interesting nursing careers because a medical surgery nurse will rarely have the same routine every day; making each day new and exciting.