Male Nurse Myths and Truths

Many men are born to be nurses. They want to be caregivers who truly spend time comforting and providing for patient needs. Unfortunately, many men who choose this profession are looked down on or outright ridiculed for their choices? Why? In this age of equality, why don’t men have the same freedom to choose a career as women? Much of the problem can be attributed to longstanding myths about male nurses that really need to be eliminated.

The Myths

Nursing Is Better Suited to Women

People don’t think twice about saying that nursing is a profession for women. However, if anyone dared to say that doctors have to be men, there would be outrage. Anyone with the heart and passion for the career can be a nurse, and increasing numbers of men are choosing nursing as their ideal profession. Being a nurse does not equal femininity. It can
Men Are Too Unemotional to be Nursesbe quite the opposite because this profession requires strength, stamina, and fortitude that are not seen in many other professions. Nursing offers many benefits such as flexible scheduling, lucrative pay, and a methodical scientific approach that makes it appealing to members of both sexes.

Men are not cold heartless machines. They have feelings and compassion just like women. Many men thrive on the emotional connection to patients and love being able to think about the patient’s needs as a whole person while designing a care plan.

Men Become Nurses Because They Couldn’t be Doctors

Seriously? This is another statement that would never be made about a female nurse. Nursing is a vastly different career from being a doctor, and is preferable to many. Male nurses are valuable parts of a care team and are often highly appreciated by their female coworkers.

The Facts

While male nurses are becoming more popular, there are still some social stigmas attached that will take a while to overcome. You will likely never be placed in the maternity ward and you will find that many female patients, especially the very young, are uncomfortable with being cared for by a male nurse.

Despite the occasional difficulties, men are perfectly suited to the nursing profession and often thrive on the excitement and pressure. Men have different perspectives and thought processes than women. As such, the ideal nursing team will include both so they can work together to provide the best possible care.