The LVN or licensed vocational nurse is required to go through just one year of education instead of the lengthy college degree programs required to earn the designation of registered nurse or RN. With this designation in place, the LVN is qualified to work in various entry-level nursing positions under the supervision of an RN. Many LVNs decide at a later date that they want to go back to college to earn a bachelor’s degree and gain the RN title. They can accomplish this by going through an LVN to RN program at some of the top online universities that offer such bridge programs. This is actually much easier than many think since the credits earned from the LVN program are all transferrable to the RN program.

Transferring LVN credits

To go through an LVN to RN bridge program is actually much less time consuming than many students think. Since the LVN program has already provided up to one year of educational credits, these credits are fully transferrable as long as both programs are through an accredited online college or university. With the transfer of all the major courses that are typically completed in the first year of nursing school, the student can expect the actual RN program to last from two to three years with all of the LVN credits transferred to the RN program.

Online LVN to RN programs

Most LVN to RN bridge programs can be completed through some of the best online colleges, allowing the student to complete the program in less time and in a convenient online format. Since the LVN already has a past education in the nursing field as well as experience in the program, this online LVN to RN program will be no problem to complete. Additionally, since they do have this experience, they should be able to breeze through the material which will set them up for an accelerated program for early graduation. These online programs consist of both the coursework and an internship where the student will receive on-the-job training. In most cases, when the LVN is already working, they can complete this portion at their current place of employment.

LVN to RN programs provide current LVNs the opportunity to move up to the RN designation, which provides more career opportunities and higher salary potential. Additionally, many employers offer tuition assistance to LVNs who want to go back to college to become a registered nurse.