LVN Programs

For those who want to work in the nursing profession but do not want to go through the two to four years it takes to become a registered nurse (RN), there are numerous licensed vocational nurse (LVN) programs they can attend. To jumpstart a career in nursing, these programs typically last about a year and provide the same clinical training elements as the RN program without the extensive education found in degree programs.

Curriculum for LVN jobs

The curriculum included in LVN programs provides the student with a basic, quality education for the nursing profession. This information will give the LVN the skills required to enter into the nursing field without the time consumption that it takes to get an actual degree. Through these programs, students learn the elements associated with the human body as well as how to successfully treat various diseases and conditions. Another key element to LVN programs is the basic first aid and CPR training that is required to work in a nursing capacity. Since this program only takes about a year to complete, it is one of the more popular programs to get into the nursing profession. The nurse who goes through the LVN program will be supervised by an RN.

LVN to RN programs

Some nurses who have already gone through the LVN program choose to earn their RN through a variety of bridge programs. These LVN programs provide additional education to those who want to further their education and get the most they can out of their profession. While it will take the new student about four years to complete this type of bachelor’s degree, those who already have their LVN designation can expect to have all their previous college credits transferred to the program. Since all of the LVN programs provide more education, most general courses must be completed. After these courses are complete, the nurse will go to more advanced nursing courses and then on to their required clinical training. Once all the aspects of the program have been completed, the nurse will take any state required tests that will gain them the title of registered nurse.

Many people who want a career in nursing fail to achieve this goal because they think it will take a great deal of time and effort to get started. With the available LVN programs that allow the nurse to start working in under a year, these aspiring nurses can now start their career in less time, pay less money and expend less effort when one of the many online programs are utilized.

Now that you’ve learned about LVN programs, why not take a look at the LVN salary to help you decide if it’s worth enrolling.