LVN Jobs

The licensed vocational nurse or LVN is required to undergo a one-year nursing certification program before gaining this designation. Since this program only takes about one year instead of the two or four for a registered nurse or RN designation, it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to jumpstart your nursing career. Most LVN jobs are located in long-term care facilities or private practice offices. Even though the LVN is qualified to do just about everything the RN does, they are still required to be under the direct supervision of an RN to ensure quality in their work.

Long-term care LVN jobs

One of the main LVN jobs comes in the form of the long-term care facility. These facilities generally require numerous nurses to be on staff at all times, therefore, they may choose to hire an LVN to cut costs since the RN will be just a unit away. The LVN in this venue has a more low-key job than those who work in the acute care setting. Most of the duties of the LVN in a long-term facility include supervising the CNAs as well as administering medications. Since these jobs typically do not require any prior experience, this is one of the best jobs for the entry-level LVN to enter into and it will provide the needed experience to continue to be successful throughout a nursing career. While this position may not earn much as far as straight wages, they may be offered overtime depending on the needs of the facility.

Private practice LVN jobs

The private practice LVN jobs are available in all specialties of medicine including pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopedics and general family medicine. The private practice LVN will continue to be under the supervision of an RN in the office as well as the physician. This LVN will be able to work a set forty-hour week with little or no chance of overtime. The LVN jobs in the private practice field will consist of duties that include reporting any prior medical conditions as well as current symptoms patients are experiencing. This information, as well as vital signs, will be given to the doctor to review before they go into see the patient. Should any laboratory work be required, the LVN may either do the work themselves or set up the proper place and time for it to be completed. Additionally, should any medications be required, the LVN may administer them.

LVN jobs are sometimes referred to as the LPN jobs; however, the same training, education and job descriptions remain. These jobs are a great way to either complete a career path or to continue education to become an RN.

Now that you have learned a little about LVN jobs, you may want to take it a step further and check out the LVN salary.