LVN Job Description

Most licensed vocational nurse or LVN job descriptions are about the same as they would find as a registered nurse or RN with one small difference: the LVN typically works under the direct supervision of the RN instead of the doctor. Since the LVN only attends school for one year as opposed to two or four, the training they receive is not as in-depth as that of the RN. Most of the duties involved with the LVN job description include all types of patient care in either a long-term facility or an acute general medicine atmosphere. The exact duties of the LVN will be dependent on the type of facility in which the LVN is employed.

General medicine

The general medicine aspect of healthcare is typically found in either a private practice or general medical unit of a hospital. The hospital aspect of these jobs typically provides a higher salary since there is often a chance for overtime if the facility is understaffed. When working in the hospital setting, the LVN will have various duties in the LVN job description including keeping records of the patient’s condition as well as various aspects of patient care. The record keeping element is very important when a patient is admitted into the hospital. Additionally, the patient care element consists of treating the patient for their ailment. This can involve administering medications, providing wound care or recovery assistance.

Nursing homes

Many nursing homes or long-term care establishments will hire an LVN since they have proven to be effective in patient care as well as cost-effective to the employer. The responsibilities included with this type of LVN job description include ensuring the comfort of the patient and various forms of patient care including administering medications. The LVN in this context will also be under the direct supervision of an RN; however, they will also supervise any CNAs that are working on their unit during their shift.

The LVN job description typically has the same duties as that of the RN, although with the one-year program, the education is much less in-depth. This requires the specialized skills of an RN to supervise the LVN in their job. This is a perfect job for anyone who wants to get started in the nursing profession without taking two to four years to complete an undergraduate level program.

Now that you know the description of an LVN nurse job, take a look at the LVN Salary!