What is an LVN to BSN program? A licensed vocational nurse (LVN) to a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree is a specific program catered to the nursing segment. If you are a licensed vocational nurse and seek more from your nursing career, you should consider these programs.

The life of an LVN

It may be beneficial for some people to review what a licensed vocational nurse is and what they do. A licensed vocational nurse program is typically a one-year program focused on providing a very basic nursing foundation for its participants. If you choose this path, you will learn basic bedside nursing skills. You will learn how to apply an intravenous drip and take vital signs. You will also learn how to administer medications and interact with patients and their loved ones. You will also learn about basic administration work such as completing insurance forms or updating patient records. The programs are not designed for people seeking high-level nursing positions immediately.

These programs are often pursued by people who cannot afford to complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Even with online schools providing top educational options at a lower cost, the costs are still too much for many people seeking to better their lives. People who wish to begin a career in the medical field immediately rather than having to wait several years find this option ideal. It is also advantageous from the perspective of potentially earning more money more quickly. If you continue your education with an LVN to BSN degree while you work as a licensed vocational nurse, you will be eligible for top promotions once you complete your degree. Advanced programs will prepare you for top careers in nursing.

LVN to BSN programs

Many people may have heard about LVN to BSN programs; however, many people may not truly understand them. These programs are designed to prepare program participants for a future in decision-making nursing positions. You should think about the difference in nursing positions prior to applying. If you choose the path to a BSN, you will be able to make significantly more money; however, you will have significantly more responsibilities as well. These programs are the ideal way to transition from a basic nursing education to an advanced nursing education.

An LVN to BSN provides the opportunity for career advancement without having to quit work to go back to school. If you want more from your nursing career, this is the educational path for you. Start online courses while you continue to work.