LPN Personality Traits

Working with people takes a lot of patience and understanding. This is particularly true for those who work in the field of medicine. Doctors, nurses, assistants and all others in healthcare are expected to act in a compassionate manner towards every patient. It is possible for anyone who has the skills and education to become a healthcare professional; however, it takes a certain level of caring and empathy to become a great member of a healthcare team and receive the most rewarding career experience.

Becoming a nurse takes self-discipline and determination. These are two personality traits that can help a nurse throughout their entire career. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can expect to endure many physical, mental and emotional challenges. Although good math and reading skills are essential to the job, successful LPNs should also maintain certain personality traits that can help them perform their job duties in the most efficient way possible. Some of these traits can be taught during LPN training, but others should just come naturally.
Team Player and Cooperation 

An LPN typically works under the supervision of physicians or registered nurses. In some cases, LPNs are in charge of supervising a crew that may consist of nursing assistants and orderlies. They should be prepared to take directions and follow them to the best of their ability. Delegating tasks to others should be done respectfully and never in a condescending manner. A hostile work environment and tension between co-workers can have a negative impact on patient care. Teamwork is vital to providing patient care and cooperation among team members ensures the best care possible.

Strong Interaction Skills

LPNs interact with many people throughout their day. In addition to reporting patient status to attending physicians and other nurses, they also provide direct patient care. They should be able to communicate effectively and have the ability to approach patients with confidence. Communicating with patients in a genuinely friendly manner can help build relationships that may become the most rewarding part of nursing. An outgoing, pleasant personality can help lift the spirits of patients and also enhance the cheerfulness among the entire healthcare team.

Ability to Make Good Judgment

Nurses are often required to make quick, rational decisions. They are expected to remain sensible at all times to ensure the highest quality of care even in emergencies. Sound judgment is critical to patient care as decisions may need to be made in a hurry. Although LPNs typically take orders from the doctor or nurse, they are also responsible for any decisions they may have to make when left in charge.

Remain Unbiased and Tolerant

Patients deserve the best care possible from all members of the nursing staff. Nurses are responsible for treating every patient equally no matter what the patient’s situation is. Judgment should not be passed towards a patient in regards to their race, religion, sex, or handicap.

While interacting with patients can be pleasant and cheerful, there are times when encounters can become unfriendly. Nurses must remain calm with all patients even if the patient becomes belligerent. Nurses are responsible for handling a confrontational situation especially if the patient becomes a threat to those working under the nursing staff.

Reliable, Responsible and Willing to Learn

Like most companies, healthcare facilities rely on their employees to be on time and committed to their work. A nurse who is undependable can significantly decrease the level of patient care due to bitterness among crew members when they feel like they are obligated to work harder. In addition, continuing education is typically encouraged by most employers. Studying for an advanced degree allows LPNs to become RNs while continuing to provide their patients with the best care possible.