LPN Training

An LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is a crucial part of patient care and our healthcare system. Their duties are to help patients with feeding, dressing, bathing, getting into and out of bed, administering medications, giving shots, and bathing. Their goal is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. To accomplish these tasks properly it takes good, solid LPN training.

Sometimes they take on front office duties. This is usually when they are working within a clinic setting or in a private physician’s office. Most programs for LPN training consist of these subjects:

(1). Pharmacology

(2). Physiology

(3). First Aid

(4). Human Anatomy

(5). Nutrition

(6). Obstetrics Nursing

(7). Medical/Surgical Nursing

(8). Pediatrics

All LPNs must be licensed. Each state will have its own requirements for being eligible to take the licensing exam.

Once LPNs finish their LPN training, they will work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. This is a career field that requires continuing education due to the speed of technology. There are new techniques and practices appearing regularly. A good LPN is always going to be updating her skills.

Requirements and Career Overview for LPNs

If you want to get LPN training, you have to be 18 years of age or older. You must attend training for at least nine months. You also need to have your high school diploma/GED. A preliminary academic skills test will have to be taken which is most commonly called the LPN Entrance Exam.

Because of the ever-increasing demand for LPNs, it has become much easier for them to land a job in the various healthcare centers than for a lot of other professionals that work in this same industry. This career field is also financially rewarding. As of 2008, the average LPN’s salary hit around $40,000.

So the career outlook is very good for LPNs over the coming years. They will be working in nursing care facilities, surgical hospitals, physician’s offices, and home healthcare services.

This career field has good pay, job security, and a chance for advancement. These are things that everyone should look for in choosing their career field.

Getting Your LPN Training Online

There are plenty of top-quality schools online where you can get good, career training to start a career as an LPN. Going back to college has changed with the arrival of the Internet. Many people earn degrees every day now by taking online courses at home.

Online schools were originally designed for people who were stuck at home and unable to attend traditional, campus-type institutions to get an education. When the Recession hit, thousands turned to online distance education.

If getting LPN training is something you desire, then all you need to do is get online and check out some of the online colleges and universities. Once you find the right programs at the right school, then you simply need to get enrolled and start your online classes. Most all online colleges have financial aid if you need it.