LPN to RN Programs

In the past you needed to be an RN (Registered Nurse) before you qualified to take an online BSN program. But now, LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurse) are seeing that they too have opportunities to become RNs or to earn a BSN from LPN to BSN programs. There are various LPN to RN Programs that enable you to make this transition.

Our nursing shortage is expected to increase through to the year 2020. LPN education takes you less time than an RN education and costs less. This enables people who cannot put in the three to four years attending college to start working in a nursing career faster.

This posed a problem that needed to be solved. It seemed that LPNs had insurmountable obstacles to deal with. But this does not hold true today. There are LPN to RN programs making it possible for these hard-working LPNs to further their careers while pursuing a higher education.

An LPN who is working is able to earn her Associate’s degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online. This way they can work at a pace and schedule that they set without disrupting their work. This is a great breakthrough in the nursing industry.

The Differences Between an LPN and an RN

At first it might seem that the differences between an LPN and an RN are very small. But when it comes to the education required for achieving each of these certifications and the opportunities that both can experience, the gap is pretty wide. RNs who are gaining in experience can enjoy a lot more options than an LPN.

If LPNs cannot reach an RN certification, then it is very hard to receive promotions and to further their careers. The pay is less as well. LPNs want to be able to make higher salaries and have more options too. That is why these LPN to RN programs are such a good benefit. It enables the LPNs to grow and continue their education while working and earning a paycheck.

A few of the benefits of transitioning from an LPN to an RN are:

(1). Variety – (different settings, etc.).

(2). Job Demand – (more opportunities).

(3). Advancement – (RNs have more opportunities for advancement).

(4). Career Outlook – (RNs are the largest healthcare occupation).

(5). Salary – (RNs earn higher salaries).

LPN to RN Fast-track Programs

The fast-track programs enable you to save some time due to not having to re-take classes that cover topics you already learned becoming an LPN. You can become an RN much quicker and enjoy the higher pay and benefits.

One benefit to becoming an LPN first is that it takes less time. You can be working at your profession and then earn your RN certification working at your own pace. You can find one of the LPN to RN programs and make your own transition. The first thing to do is get started on your LPN certification. You can find plenty of online schools for starting a brand new career in the nursing field. Find an online nursing program that suits you and get enrolled today.