LPN Jobs

Licensed practical nursing or LPN jobs can be found in virtually any medical facility. Many LPNs do not have the qualifications to obtain employment in some specialty areas like cardiac care or surgical nursing and are typically employed in establishments like general medicine. The LPN was established before the option of earning a registered nurse (RN) title through the associate degree in nursing; therefore, there are very few educational opportunities to now gain your LPN licensure. Additionally, the salary for a LPN is usually less than that of an RN with a median yearly salary right around $30,000.

LPN work in long-term care facilities

There are many opportunities for LPN jobs in long-term care establishments. In this type of work, the LPN is required to provide patient care to residents or patients on the unit where the LPN is assigned. This patient care may involve the aspect of providing required medication or wound care. Additionally, an LPN in a long-term care environment can enjoy the element of getting to know their patients and building relationships. Schedules in this venue will be a revolving format where the nurse may work day shift one day and night shift the next, although some facilities provide a set schedule. In any case, the nurse is usually scheduled for about 40 hours per week; however, the chance of overtime is high in this venue when a facility is short-staffed.

LPN work in private practices

The private practice establishments that offer LPN jobs are typically that of the general practice physician. These jobs generally have little responsibilities that include taking medical history reports as well as taking any vital signs. The LPN in this workplace may also be required to administer immunizations as needed by the physician. In this type of establishment, the nurse will typically have a set schedule that consists of working only during business hours; therefore, nights and weekends are highly unlikely as well as the chance of any overtime pay.

LPN jobs are still prominent throughout the medical industry even though there are little opportunities for education in this licensure status now. This is a career where you can have the basic element of education and succeed as an LPN in a variety of medical establishments. If you want a career in general medicine that requires very little experience or college education, check out the training options through some of the top online colleges today.