LPN Job Description

To fit in with the LPN job description, you will be working as an LPN under the supervision of Registered Nurses and doctors. Licensed Practical Nurses carry out their duties working in clinics and hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, outpatient facilities, and more while assisting physicians. Sometimes they work in households.

Some of the duties performed in the LPN’s job description are administering drips and I.V.s whenever called upon by the doctor to do so. They can be called on to perform clerical duties as well. Some of the other disciplines are:

(1). Nutrition

(2). Patient Care

(3). Nursing Concepts

(4). Administration of Drugs

LPNs perform an invaluable service within the healthcare industry, and their duties are numerous. It takes good, solid training to work as an LPN. Taking temperatures, checking blood pressures, plus passing out pills are only a small part of what most people know about what LPNs do.

At times LPNs are assisted by CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant). Here is a more comprehensive list of an LPN’s duties:

a. Treating Bedsores

b. Monitoring Their Patients & Reporting Any Changes

c. Collecting Samples for Testing

d. Monitoring Food & Liquid Input/Output

e. Providing Patient Hygiene

f. Preparing Injections/Enemas

g. Taking Vital Signs

h. Feeding Patients

I. Applying Dressings & Bandages

J. Watching Catheters

k. Providing Alcohol Massages or Rubs

And even this list does not cover the scope of what an LPN does. They truly are assets that the healthcare industry cannot do without.

Benefits of Becoming an LPN

Many LPNs find this to be a very rewarding career choice. They have a true passion for helping others. Helping patients on a daily basis gives them a true sense of accomplishment and self-worth. When you enjoy your career, it makes a lot of difference. It lowers the stress of working a job you really dislike, and this is a career that is dependable. LPNs will be in demand for years to come.

Part of the LPN’s job description and another benefit is the flexibility it gives you. Nurses can be used in many businesses and institutions. An LPN can pretty much select the job that suits her preferences.

Preparing for Your Degree Online

If you aspire to prepare for your LPN degree online, you can find many programs out there. There are vocational training schools, colleges, and universities offering these programs for meeting the standards of the LPN’s job description.

Most people feel like getting their LPN degree online makes for a better option. It offers them much more flexibility and enables them to study while maintaining a job. The online courses are just as good as the ones found at traditional, campus-style schools.

If you like the LPN’s job description and feel like this would be a great career choice for you, then get online and compare some of the excellent, online colleges to find the one that is right for you. Then all that is left to do is get enrolled. Your future is just a few clicks away.