Licensed Practical Nurse

Have you just recently found yourself spending a lot of time trying to find a new career that will allow you to make more money so that both you and your family can live a better and more financially stable life? If you should find that this is true, you may be wondering what kind of job opportunities are available. When you are choosing a new career, you will want to choose a career in a field that you enjoy and feel that you would be happy working in for a long time, because an education is expensive, and definitely not something to take advantage of. With this being said, if you know you want to work in the health care field, you may be interested in the career of a licensed practical nurse. In this article, you will learn about becoming a licensed practical nurse, and from there, you will need to make a properly informed decision as to whether you feel this is a good career choice for you.

Job Description for an LPN

As a licensed practical nurse, you will become a very important part of a healthcare team. This means that you will work in a hospital setting taking a patient’s vitals, helping patients with their personal hygiene as well as eating. You will also provide bedside treatment and keep records. You will also be able to clean the patient’s wounds, give injections, perform enemas and provide alcohol rubs.

Additional Information about Licensed Practical Nurses

Most licensed practical nurses work in a hospital, but some may work in other settings, like nursing homes. Some even work in doctor’s offices. Employment is available both in rural areas and large cities alike. The job outlook for licensed practical nurses is also on the rise due to the increasing number of elderly people in America. Additionally, those who obtain jobs as licensed practical nurses will earn around $40,000 a year respectfully.