Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant provides people with nursing expertise in legal matters at a reasonable price. This is a medical profession rather than a legal profession, as you will still be required to meet active nursing requirements. If you are interested in medicine and the law, this may be the career for you.

The job of a legal nurse consultant

If you are a registered nurse, you may be able to become a successful legal nurse consultant. These professionals must possess a unique skill set and personality traits deemed advantageous in the legal community. They must also be a superior nurse in various areas of the medical field. It takes a person with the combination of these assets to be a successful legal nurse consultant. In addition to your top nursing skills, you should be an approachable and likable person as perceived by potential jurors. You cannot be a hard and abrasive person if you are going to be hired by attorneys. Even if you are the most qualified nurse for the job, the way you are perceived by others plays a crucial factor in being hired.

You may be hired for a number of reasons by a number of different clients. Most legal nurse consultants are hired in areas such as malpractice, criminal, various liability, worker’s compensation, personal injury, wrongful death and sexual assault cases. You might work as a self-employed consultant in various legal situations. If this is the path you choose, you might consider keeping a part-time nursing position in the medical field to ensure you remain an active registered nurse. Many law firms and insurance companies have started hiring legal nurse consultants as part of their in-house staff. Again, you must remain an active registered nurse so you will be required to perform nursing responsibilities in some capacity while you are employed with such organizations. It is possible these organizations will have a need for an in-house nurse as well.

Educational requirements for legal nurse consultants

You will be required to be an active registered nurse. You can become a registered nurse by completing degrees from higher learning institutions. Some people choose to complete degrees through online universities and others choose traditional brick-and-mortar universities. While you are only required to complete an associate’s degree to become a legal nurse consultant, it is highly recommended you complete at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you are serious about this profession, you should complete a master’s degree. You will also be required to take a legal nurse consultant certification course. You might also consider completing the legal nurse consultant certification to improve your skills and maximize your billable hours.

A legal nurse consultant is a growing field and pays quite well. If you are interested in the legal system and the medical field, this is the career for you. It only takes one online course to start your new career in a positive direction.