How to Date a Coworker Without Ruining Your Life

Since nursing involves such a stressful work environment, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid dating anyone from your place of work. However, no matter how good your intentions are, you may find yourself irresistibly attracted to
Be Familiar with Policiessomeone you work with. If this happens, you must be prepared to face the unique challenges involved and to handle the relationship, regardless of how it works out, without damaging your professional reputation or career. If you are thinking about getting involved in a workplace romance, follow these simple tips to keep it positive:

Know the written and unwritten policies of your workplace, especially those dealing with workplace relationships. Some employers forbid such relationships completely, while others only place restrictions if it is a boss/subordinate relationship as well. By knowing the company policies, you can be sure you won’t get fired for inadvertently breaking the rules.

Keep Personal Information Personal

Do not talk about your personal relationship at work, either while it is working or when it ends. If the relationship does not work out, do not talk about what happened and never speak about your ex. This will allow you to maintain your professionalism and will prevent you from being guilty of harassment. While it can be extremely difficult to remain cool and detached when working with an ex, that is something you agree to when you begin the relationship.

Maintain Existing Friendships

Make it clear to your friends that you will never discuss them or confidential work matters with your significant other. In addition, never allow friends to pry information about your partner that you shouldn’t be sharing. Keep work and personal life completely separate to avoid complications and drama.

Stay Professional

When at work, call one another by professional titles and avoid any displays of affection. If your employer has any concerns that your personal relationship is interfering with the workplace, you will have problems. Discretion is key. Save the romance and lovey dovey stuff for after hours only.