Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is defined as a specialized type of medicine that has the primary goal of healing the entire body. In this area of medicine, the nurse and medical personnel attempt to heal the patient without the need for western medicine and the harmful drugs that go with it. Instead, this type of medicine uses herbal remedies to treat all types of injuries and illnesses. The holistic nurse will typically not require any additional training, although if desired, the registered nurse does have the option of attending a master’s program that provides them with the holistic specialty.

Graduate program in holistic nursing

The master’s level degree in holistic nursing provides students with additional knowledge and techniques required to become well-educated in this field. With a master’s degree, the nurse will be qualified to treat all types of patients with little or no supervision from other nurses or physicians. The nurse who is certified in the holistic field will be able to work with acupressure, massage therapy and other options that will help the patient through natural means.

Types of holistic treatments

The holistic nursing field provides a healing process of the entire body. For instance, when a patient suffers a severe illness or injury, depression is often a secondary condition that has been caused. Through the field of holistic medicine, a nurse will attempt to heal not just the disease or injury but the depression as well. Most of these conditions can be effectively treated with various types of holistic medicine including a specialized type of massage therapy, acupressure and even a form of music therapy. Virtually all types of diseases can be helped through the use of holistic medicine including muscle sprains, depression, addictions and various types of genetic diseases. There are instances, however, where the condition cannot be cured, simply treated. A secondary goal of holistic medicine is to increase the quality of life and prolong the life of a patient who has a terminal illness.

Holistic nursing is not a new type of nursing; it has been around since the beginning of time, long before the concept of modern western medicine. For years in the past, doctors only used the herbal remedies and types of therapies which are now used in the field of holistic medicine. While the nurse is not required to have additional training in the field, it is highly recommended to ensure they are well-educated and have the ability to provide a high quality of care to all patients.