Hemodialysis Nurse

The renal system is an intricate part of the human body that consists of the kidney functions. When kidneys become infected or begin to fail, it takes a specialized team of medical professionals to care for the patient. The nursing specialty for the care of patients who have kidney problems is the hemodialysis nurse. This nurse is tasked with ensuring that the patient remains in stable condition and consistently checks the patient’s vital signs while maintaining the proper treatment for the condition. This type of nurse who specializes in the renal system can work in either a renal or hemodialysis unit of a hospital where patients are in the end stage of renal failure. Hemodialysis nurses may work in a special dialysis clinic where patients go for treatment when they are seriously ill although they can still function.

Types of work

The type of work for a hemodialysis nurse is typically a highly specialized department of the hospital or a special clinic that provides care only to those who are suffering from some sort of kidney or renal disorder. The nurse in the renal field will have multiple duties including vital signs monitoring with an added dietitian role as well. Patients who have renal disorders require a special diet in order to promote kidney health and provide the best chance for recovery. It is up to the renal nurse to ensure the patient is aware of this type of diet and all that it includes.

Required experience

The experience required to become a nurse consists of the bachelor of science degree in nursing followed by extensive experience in the nursing industry. As the nurse begins working in the medical field, they will then be able to either participate in continuing education courses or they may choose to enter into a master’s degree program with a concentration in hemodialysis. With this type of graduate-level degree, the nurse will be fully qualified to work in any capacity, from the registered nurse on duty up to the charge nurse of the dialysis or renal department or clinic.

Some areas of medicine require that all of the professionals who come into contact with the patients are highly qualified and well-educated in that particular specialty. Hemodialysis is one of these specialties. The hemodialysis nurse is responsible for the well-being of all of their patients which is only possible when the nurse has the education that focuses on the specialty as a whole.