Great Resume Tips for Nurses

There are many great nursing positions available, and many nurses hoping to fill them. In order to land the job you really want, you have to have a killer resume. Follow these great tips to make your resume the one that will capture employers’ attention:

  • Show your value – If you want to land that dream job, you need to show the employer how valuable you could be to the facility. Summarize your training and experience with a positive angle that shows how perfectly you fit the needs of the particular employer. If you know that a clinic is looking for nurses to work with children, highlight your pediatric experience. Make sure your objective is stated in a way that will make the employer want you.
  • Detail your experience – One easy way to improve the odds of your resume capturing the right attention is to offer details about your previous experience. Information about the facility for which you worked, your specialization experience, and your caseload will be more impressive than a generic list of past employers.
  • Keep it clean – Instead of relying on prose or narrative in your resume, use bullet points to highlight all of your credentials. This will give your resume a clean, professional look and will make it easier for potential employers to focus in on the things that really matter.
  • List affiliations – To truly represent yourself as the talented, qualified professional you are, list your affiliations with facilities, doctors, and other professionals with whom you have worked. If you have many, shorten the list to include only those most relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Include important achievements – When listing details about past jobs, focus on your achievements instead of only responsibilities. Since the hiring manager knows what nurses do, skip the mundane and let them know what you are really capable of doing.

By following these great tips, you can build a resume that will represent you more accurately and that will grab the attention of potential employers. Since your resume is the first impression they get of you, make sure it is a powerful one.