General Medicine Nurse

The field of general medicine is a broad term for all parts of medicine with the exception of surgery or cardiothoracic medicine. The general medicine nurse is usually considered a float nurse who will work in virtually any area of the hospital that needs assistance or units that are short-staffed. This type of job does not require a specialty or any additional training after nursing school. In fact, the only requirement to be qualified for the job of the general medicine or float nurse is to have at least a two-year associate of science degree in nursing.

Departments where a general medicine nurse may work

The general medicine nurse will enjoy the benefits of working in different departments and getting to deal with different elements of the medical field on a daily basis. One day they may work in the nursery of a maternity wing and the next day they may work in the telemetry unit where patients are sick. The only departments that the float nurse may not be qualified to work in are the cardio and thoracic units as well as the surgical unit. The main duties of a nurse in general medicine is to monitor patients’ vital signs and symptoms as well as routinely assess the patients’ conditions. Additionally, wound care and medication administration are other key elements to this type of job in the nursing profession.

Associate of science degree in nursing

The associate of science degree in nursing (ASN) is the required degree to become a nurse. In fact, many nursing students will get into the field of general medicine as soon as they graduate since this is the entry-level position in the nursing industry. This position gives new nurses experience in all different departments instead of just one specialty. The ASN degree takes an average student about two years to complete; however, many online colleges offer accelerated nursing programs that allow students to earn the degree in about 18 months. Should a student decide they want to further their education in the future, this degree can also be transferred into the bachelor’s degree program.

The general medicine nurse will enjoy the benefits of working with patients in all parts of the hospital. This position allows them to gain knowledge and experience in all specialties and provides them with additional qualifications that will help achieve additional success. This position is the typical entry-level position although many who start out there will stay with the position since it is flexible and exciting.