Flight Nurse Requirements

There are actually few flight nurse requirements that a nurse needs to become qualified for in this high demand position. The main requirements actually pertain to the nurse’s own personality traits and what they are physically capable of doing. The other main requirement is that the nurse must be a registered nurse, not a nursing student or somebody who wants to try it out. To become a nurse, a student may go through an online university through a host of nursing programs including the two-year associate’s program or the four-year bachelor’s program. After these programs have been completed, some experience will be required before moving up to the emergency medicine field and then as a flight nurse.

Physical and character traits for flight nursing

The main flight nurse requirements actually revolve around personality traits and what can be handled on the job. A flight nurse must work well under extreme pressure and enjoy flying in a helicopter. The majority of the calls that the medical helicopter responds to are intense accidents and assaults where the patient has little chance of survival. It is up to the flight nurse to stabilize the patient without the guidance of any doctors.

Education and experience of a flight nurse

The key flight nurse requirements that pertain to education and experience in the field must be completed before attaining an exciting position as a flight nurse. There are a few ways that each of these aspects can be completed. The first is to enter a college degree program to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing. This will provide the knowledge needed to successfully pass state licensure examinations to gain the title of registered nurse. Once this designation is earned, work in the general field of medicine can begin. Afterward, a certain number of years will allow for qualification to become a flight nurse or work in the field of emergency medicine.

The flight nurse is one of the top jobs in the nursing profession. This job provides an exciting career where there are many unique opportunities and experiences. They enjoy not only a top salary, but they also get to see the world from a whole new prospective. There are few flight nurse requirements; therefore, if enthusiasm for a career as well as the ability to work in high-stress situations is something you have, the career of the flight nurse may just be the perfect career path for you.