Flight Nurse Jobs

Emergency room or trauma nurses who enjoy a fast-paced environment and have a need for adrenaline should look into some of the many possibilities with flight nurse jobs. These jobs can be found either with an independent medical helicopter or transport service as well as in large hospitals that offer their own medical helicopter service. The flight nurse is a highly desirable position for many trauma nurses especially those who have prior experience as a first responder. The nurse in this exciting field must be able to administer lifesaving techniques to patients who are in critical condition without the guidance of a doctor present.

Hospital jobs for flight nurses

Flight nurse jobs that are located in hospitals are generally very fast-paced where there is typically very little time to sit down and take a rest other than during specified breaks. With this type of job, the flight nurse will not only fly on the helicopter providing on-scene care to victims of accidents, crimes or illnesses, they also work as a triage nurse in the emergency room. When the flight nurse works in triage, they are required to determine the injury or illness and then determine which patient is more critical than others. When the flight nurse gets called out to a scene, they must also triage the patient and then administer any medications that will provide both pain relief and stabilization. Once the patient has become stable, the flight nurse will then put the patient on the helicopter and continue to monitor their condition until they reach the nearest hospital.

Independent medical helicopter services

In large areas where accidents are often and traffic is generally very heavy, a hospital’s medical helicopter can become very busy. The use of independently owned medical helicopters may be used in areas such as these. These services usually serve all local hospitals which allows them to take patients to the hospital that will provide the best possible care. The flight nurse jobs on these privately owned helicopters can be just as exciting and fast-paced as those found in the hospital; however, they are not required to also work in the emergency room when the helicopter is not flying. All other elements of the job description of this type of flight nurse are the same as the job description of a flight nurse working for a hospital.

If you love to fly and truly enjoy the field of trauma medicine, then one of the many available flight nurse jobs may be the best job for you. With so many types of flight nurse jobs and careers available, you will be sure to find the one that best fits you. Whether you love working in the emergency room and do not want to stop or you decide that you want to only do the helicopter aspect of the job, you will always be able to find quality employment in this field of nursing.