Critical Care Nurse Jobs

Critical care nurse jobs are growing, as is the medical field in general. If you are seeking a nursing career which is often fast-paced and highly challenging, this may be the career for you. With the appropriate education and certifications, you will attain top careers in critical care nursing.

The critical care nursing job

Critical care nurse jobs may vary slightly from one to the next. Your education and years of experience will play a significant factor in determining your responsibilities. You will also have the option of choosing a specialization in areas such as acute, cardiac and neonatal care. Acute care is when a patient has a serious condition which may be diagnosed as chronic or severe. These patients will have most likely been in critical condition at some point. Any situation involving a person’s heart is always considered critical and cardiac. Any baby born and placed into level II or III neonatal care is considered a critical patient. You could work in any of these types of jobs. In general, your job as a critical care nurse is to provide specialized care to every critical patient. These patients are often in life-threatening situations. You must be able to react well in stressful and time-sensitive situations because you may be responsible for prolonging the life of several patients each day. You will also be required to educate patients and their families about the seriousness of each unique medical circumstance.

If a patient is considered mentally sound to make their own decisions, they must make the difficult decisions such as options for life support, resuscitation and organ donation. It may be a difficult concept to grasp for many patients. In some cases, the patient will not be in any condition to make such decisions. If this is the case, the immediate family will be responsible for those decisions. If no immediate family members are present, you may be the one responsible for making care decisions in the best interest of the patient. Your education will prepare you to make sound judgments.

Educational requirements for critical care nurses

Critical care nurse jobs require you to be a registered nurse (RN). Most employers prefer candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree. You might consider taking online courses while you keep your current position to ease the financial burden of continued education. Employers also prefer candidates who complete critical care nurse certifications as well. These certifications are voluntary; however, they will improve your employment opportunities and earning potential.

Critical care nurse jobs are for people with determination and a passion for helping others. By pursuing a certification in critical care nursing, you will show potential employers your level of commitment to the profession. Online schools provide all the resources you need to begin.