Critical Care Nurse Job Description

A critical care nurse job description will provide you with insight as to what an employer seeks in the ideal nursing candidate. These descriptions may be highly specified with their wants and needs; however, a strong candidate does not have to meet all desired attributes and characteristics to be considered for the position. As long as you meet the majority of the job description and have a top education, you will be considered for most positions.

Patient advocacy

A critical care nurse job description provides a basic idea of what the job entails; however, it may not list everything. You will be caring for patients in critical conditions, which means they could be facing the last moments of their lives. One of your primary roles and responsibilities is to be a staunch advocate for the patient. As long as they are deemed fit to make their own decisions, you will honor their wishes and ensure all others do the same.

These patients are in highly sensitive situations; therefore, it is crucial you speak with them immediately about their wishes for their personal care in the event they become incapable of making decisions. Once they become incapacitated, a loved one will take over as the decision-maker and it is your job to convey their wishes to the loved one. If that person is not following the patient’s wishes, you may have to intervene. If a loved one is unavailable, you will be required to execute their wishes and to share them with the rest of the medical staff.

Patient care basics

As a critical care nurse, you will ensure the patient receives basic medical care at all times. You will ensure they are as comfortable as possible and also be required to educate your patient and their loved ones on the urgency and seriousness of their condition. You will answer any questions they may have and treat each patient and their loved ones with dignity and respect. It is imperative that you provide all the information available to the patient so they are able to make an informed decision about how to proceed with their care.

A critical care nurse job description may not inform you of how emotionally difficult these jobs can be. As long as you pursue the proper education, you should be well-prepared. Online courses can get you started on making a difference in people’s lives.