Community Health Nursing

Everybody deserves quality healthcare no matter what their financial situation may be. This is where the field of community health nursing comes in. The community or public health nurse provides medical care to patients who have little or no income and do not have access to medical insurance. They provide all types of care from family healthcare to family planning. Additionally, the community health nurse also provides immunizations. The community health nurse does not require any additional training unless they decide they want to pursue a career in the management aspect of the field.

Management potential

Community health nursing consists of nurses in all types of specialties. This type of nurse also provides screening for various diseases as well as options should there be an outbreak of disease. In order to be a charge nurse that holds a management position in the public health sector, the nurse must attend college to earn a master’s degree in public health or community nursing. This two-year graduate level of study provides the community health nurse the education required to become successful in the public health sector. After a master’s degree has been earned, the community health nurse will be fully qualified for any management-level nursing position in the public health field.

Duties of the job

The aspect of community health nursing has a variety of aspects to it. This is not a cut-and-dry field; therefore, a nurse in this field will experience many different scenarios each day. They will be required to provide assistance to physicians throughout basic check-ups as well as give immunizations. The largest part of this type of job is disease testing and diagnosis. The nurse will draw blood and send it to a laboratory for testing. As the patient awaits results, the nurse will provide educational material about how to prevent the situation from happening in the future.

The aspect of community health nursing provides low-income patients a place to go to ensure they are able to receive the same quality of medical care as anyone else. The community health nurse provides patients with this type of care regardless of the type of condition they may be experiencing. From diagnostics to treatment and prevention, the community health nurse ensures the health and well-being of the entire community.