Nurse Anesthetist Schools

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is a Registered Nurse who has gone through a graduate program and has passed all of the National certification exams that provide them with the designation of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. With this designation, the CRNA is qualified to provide anesthesia to patients in a variety of aspects including: surgery, OB, pediatrics, and traumatic injuries under the supervision of an anesthetist. There are many nurse anesthetist schools that one can go through to earn the education required to participate in the certification examinations that are located either in a classroom format or in an online format where the learning is completed in an online, virtual classroom format. While the formats are different, the requirements of the program remain the same; it is up to the student to determine which format will work best for them.

Course Work Required

There is typically a total of 24 to 36 months of total, actual course work required to graduate from one of the nurse anesthetist schools with courses that include the professional aspects of what is involved in nurse anesthetists, human anatomy, and physiology, pharmacology, and more. All of these courses were most likely taken throughout the bachelor’s program which is required before one can apply for the CRNA programs; however, the courses included in this program are much more in-depth than the ones found at the undergraduate level and will provide a higher educational experience and knowledge that will ensure the student will succeed in their CRNA career. When the student attends this school in an online format, they are still provided with the same education found in the traditional setting; however, many students will be able to enjoy the benefit of accelerated programs that will allow them to complete the entire program in less time than if they went through the campus-based format.

Clinical Training Required

In addition to the required course work, the CRNA student is also required to participate in clinical trainings as well. The time spent on this type of training will vary depending on the individual nurse anesthetist schools; however, the training will remain the same. All of the clinical, training programs must be completed under the direct guidance of the licensed anesthetist who will give the student additional hands-on training that will provide them with the experience they need to become ready to work in this specialized field. Once this training is complete, the student will be ready to take and pass the required National certification examinations.

The total time spent in one of the accredited nurse anesthetist schools will depend on the delivery method of the school as well as the school’s individual requirements; however, you can expect to begin this exciting career in two to four years after starting the program. This is considered a top career for current nurses; therefore, the time is now to begin the program, start your new career, and begin earning this top salary that is typically in the six figures.