CRNA Schools

The certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is a registered nurse (RN) who has gone through extensive training at one of the accredited CRNA schools to become nationally certified in the field. As opposed to the role of an RN and even many doctors, once this certification has been completed, the CRNA is qualified to practice in any state nationwide. CRNA schools are available in both traditional universities and online universities where required training is provided for a successful career.

Traditional Universities

There are numerous campus-based universities that offer CRNA training and certification where the student is required to go to class to earn their master’s degree. These programs will provide adequate education in the nursing field and provide knowledge that pertains to the proper dosage of medications as well as the complications that may arise with those types of drugs. Additionally, the placement of medication is also a key factor that is taught in these programs. Campus-based CRNA schools typically require the student to take about two years or more to complete the entire program before they can begin working as a qualified certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Online Universities

The other aspect of accredited CRNA schools is that of distance education. In this aspect, the student can participate in the same quality training as they would through a campus-based program with one big difference: they can complete the program at their own pace. Many students who are currently employed as registered nurses find that this is the most effective way to complete their training program. The same information is covered in this program; however, any lecture notes that may be required will be found in the virtual classroom in print instead of the requirement of taking notes while listening to an instructor.

CRNA Schools

CRNA schools can be found in locations nationwide. This two-year master’s degree program provides students with all of the education needed to work alongside a qualified surgeon, dentist or anesthesiologist. If you are already working as a registered nurse but have a desire to get into the field of anesthesia, it is never too late to begin one of these specialty programs and earn the top salary you deserve.