CNA Training

Certified nursing assistant (CNA) training consists of two parts followed by a set of two certification examinations that ensure the CNA is ready to begin working on their own. The training required can be completed through a traditional college where the student typically spends all day for up to four weeks inside a classroom and gains education through a mixture of book learning and lectures from an instructor. The second option is that of the online delivery format. Using distance education, many online colleges offer the CNA program through a virtual classroom where the student receives the same amount and quality of information in a format that they can complete on their own time over the internet.

Book learning for a CNA

Book learning is the first required element in the CNA training process. Through class work, the student will learn the basic fundamentals of their career as a certified nursing assistant. This information typically begins with types of diseases, the aging process and patients who require CNA help. After this information is given, the student will then begin to learn about what it takes to be a successful CNA, including how to move patients and basic first aid, as well as how to perform life-saving techniques. After the coursework has been completed, the student will then go onto the next element of the required training to become a CNA.

Skills training for a CNA

The skills training element is a required part of CNA training no matter how the coursework is completed. This skills training will begin with the student observing an experienced CNA throughout their workday, working under supervision of a CNA and then working on their own. After skills training is complete, a certification examination must be taken as required by each state.

CNA training consists of both book and practical work, which will provide the aspiring CNA with the necessary tools to become successful at their job. In many cases, the aspiring certified nurse assistant will go through this training to ensure that a career in nursing is right for them, not to mention the fact that a CNA certification looks very promising on applications to enter into nursing school.