CNA Programs

Traditional and online-based colleges nationwide now offer certified nursing assistant (CNA) programs to those students who want to enter into the fun, rewarding and fast-paced field of nursing assistants. These programs both offer the same curriculum that must be learned in order to be successful in a field where a CNA assists nurses through a variety of patient care including mobilization, ambulation and basic activities. This is a growing field where the demand is always high, providing constant employment as well as a generous salary for all of those who complete one of the many available CNA programs. The program chosen will be based on needs as well as proximity to the nearest college that offers this program.

Traditional campus-based programs

Most campus-based colleges, especially community colleges, offer CNA programs that provide both classroom learning as well as on-the-job training. In this aspect, the student will report to class when scheduled and will not be allowed to miss any days since important information is covered in each class. Most of these programs require the student to be in class for a full day throughout the program, which generally lasts four to six weeks. Throughout this class, the student will learn about becoming a CNA through studying the CNA book and lectures given by the instructor. In some cases, the program can last up to six months when the student is only required to attend class a couple of times per week or few hours per day.

Online CNA programs

Many of the top online universities are also offering varying types of CNA programs that can be completed at the student’s own pace. In this element of learning, the student logs onto a virtual classroom and receives the same curriculum and lectures that they would through a campus-based program. This type of learning is actually shown to be more efficient than traditional learning because of the fact that the student does not need to try and follow a fast talking instructor and missing some important notes; instead, all of the notes are right there in the virtual classroom. On-the-job clinical training opportunities are also the same as the student will find in a campus-based format; however, the student will be traveling to the nearest healthcare facility in order to fulfill this requirement. Additionally, since these are generally self-paced programs, the student can take as little or as much time as they want to complete the program, making this one of the most accommodating ways to earn CNA certification.

CNA programs can be found in a range of venues and aspects. The program that will fit the student the best is based on both the type of learning they are best suited for as well as their own personal needs. Both of these programs contain the same material that will be used throughout a CNA’s career.