CNA Jobs

Certified nursing assistant (CNA) jobs are available nationwide in a range of medical facilities including large healthcare facilities and long-term care facilities. This is one of the top paying jobs today with an average hourly wage of $12 to $15 on top of any benefits the employer offers. The CNA is required to go through some training; however, there is no degree required. A certification course for a CNA can be completed through one of the top online colleges. After the training aspect has been completed, the student will be required to obtain on-the-job training through a medical facility and then pass required state certification exams. These examinations typically include both a written exam and skills testing to ensure the student is ready to begin any of the CNA jobs available.

Healthcare facility jobs

One of the CNA jobs that most have the goal of entering into is that of a hospital CNA. This job requires the CNA to work in general medicine or surgical unit of the hospital where people are recovering from surgical procedures or illnesses. The duties required for a hospital CNA include bathing patients, basic hygiene care and mobilization. CNAs typically work full-time or forty hours per week; however, some facilities that are short-staffed may require a double shift.

Long-term care facility jobs

The starting point for many CNAs is jobs found in a long-term care setting. In this setting, the CNA provides care to patients who are typically elderly or who cannot live on their own. The main duty of the CNA in a long-term care setting is to ensure the patient remains as independent as possible, providing basic daily care. The duties here may include all aspects that pertain to daily living such as bathing, brushing teeth, exercising and dressing. Additionally, some patients will require a mechanical lift to get out of bed and get around. The hours associated with a long-term care setting virtually mirror those that are found in the hospital setting with a set forty-hour work week and the possibility of overtime.

CNA jobs are found all over and the need for qualified CNAs is high. These jobs provide the CNA with medical training and experience that will help them throughout their profession. Whether they want to remain a CNA or eventually go to nursing school, this is the perfect starting place for any medical career.